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Halloween Cheesecake Horrorfest

There’s nothing I enjoy more than Halloween.  It’s not because of the pumpkins, the old memories of childhood trick-or-treating, or the ghosts and ghouls and all that nonsense.

No, I enjoy Halloween for the simple pleasure of rock-solid, 24-hour access to the world’s cheesiest and most wonderfully lame horror movies.  From Evil Dead to Killer Klowns from Outer Space, the month of October routinely brings a barrage of choice entertainment, which, as usual, recently sparked a debate amongst my friends regarding which movies hold the coveted top positions on the horror movie cheesecake rankings.

But alas, we could not come to group consensus on which movie would be the ultimate in B-movie horror goodness.  So you tell me, which movie gets your vote for Ultimate Horror Movie Cheesecake?


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