Inside My Head

the literary rantings of Angie Frissore

In line.

If they ask

(Should they happen to notice)

You simply smile

And you say that you’re okay

(Since that’s really all they

Wanted to hear in the end)

No soul is without its weight

And the world has its fair share

Of scars and sorrows and tears

And yours are not unique

You’ll attempt to brush it aside

And pretend it’s not there

Though it steals from you

And cheats you

And lies to you

And knows you.


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It’s not debilitating
In fact
It keeps me warm
In the soft, muted
Solitary slumber
Of snow-wrapped
Nested inside of me
Images of you
Gently embrace
My soul

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In the snow covered quiet

padded cell cityscape

i hear the battle cries

of youthful destinial denial

raining down upon the

midnight masses

of the faithful

who cling


to something worth

believing in

misspent youth

of envious spectators

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the symbiosis of girl and dog.


Laying restlessly
She frowns, and I lift the shade
She bathes in sunlight

Canine contentment
Her joyful warmth fills the room
And I’m left smiling

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Digging through  my yesterdays
I unearthed a tiny, smoldering flame
Just a little smoke at first
Waiting for its moment
To breathe, to run
And so my curiosity
It poked at the ground
And watched the flame grow
From a safe distance
Until it was time
To jump in

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odd man out.

and there is not one
waiting in a dimly lit room
so as to not be seen
through the window
for anticipated arrival
Nor in cold echo
of night darkness
for romantic
But one who
sits in
solitary serenity
whose soul speaks to
No one
and whose heart
sings a song
that will not
be heard

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monday monday (repost)

Monday has a way of erasing the weekend’s unfulfilled hopes.

It waits, ready to greet you with open, slightly apathetic arms

whether you are ready for the abandonment of dreams or not.

It places a cool hand on your shoulder and says,

“This is your life, and we are still here.”

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Everday games. (repost)

On the wrong side of my bed there is a monster
He tries to fill my head with lies
Whenever I happen upon him
But I’ve learned to sleep with earplugs on
And now he just gets bored
But yet, he persists.

We sat and stared at each other for hours today.
A contest of sorts.
Like school, children during recess
I challenged him to undo this magic
To get under my skin
Yet still, he persists.

He followed me into my day and stayed
and stayed and stayed
He had nothing better to do
But I left him there in a dark, locked room
Alone with his game
And I alone with mine.

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cry wolf.

They tend to learn,
after awhile, that is
to ignore the persistence
and willpower
of the apocryphal heartaches
and spurious negativity
but should the wolf of
veritable affliction
begin to skulk from the shadows
who will take notice?

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Innocuously slipping into obscurity
the development of this soul
strayed from ambitious original
and fell into the hands
of charlatans

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growing up.

watching the dance of the distant colorful blinking lights

cutting fantastical rays through dark November fog

while miles away you while away

days chasing after an idealism

deficient in substance

I no longer call to mind

our little fairy tale.

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at the end of the day

Tell him that the man said
He shouldn’t be here
And the roses that
Were planted
Weren’t meant for him
The rosy words
Went unheard yet
At such a volume
To leave their mark
The dancers have
All gone now
And so should he

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the great wash up

A one trick pony
Who’s overstayed the welcome
Pack it up, now
And head off into
The sunset
Your happy ending
Came all too soon
For you

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she sees you, ya know

from your safe distance, shooting glances

that fall heavy upon her bruised ego

you thought she overlooked

secret shared stories and inside tales

while you didn’t dance the night

away that time

you don’t think she can tell

how you store away every little word

that falls from glossy lips that always

seem to have the scent of mandarin

or how detailed her image is in your mind

when she’s not around

but she sees you, alright

she sees you.

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Haiku for m

sleep the only safe haven
can’t fight it but still

courses through the blood
infecting each word that falls
a karmic bitch slap.

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