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The Blind Faithfulness of Creationism.

creationist01Years ago, I hastily jumped into a relationship with a guy I barely knew. I rolled with the punches though, as little details and realizations emerged over a span of two months – he was severely in debt, he wasn’t the cleanest person around, and his work ethic left much to be desired.

But I was young and not particularly looking for something terribly lasting in a relationship. I overlooked things.

The day came, however, when a chance conversation changed the course of the relationship, leaving me with little to no respect for him whatsoever. We had been discussing deep and heavy topics, most likely due to slight inebriation, when we happened upon the subject of how we all got here in the first place.

And then it happened.

He was a creationist.

As I presented my argument for evolution, I realized quickly that I was wasting my time. The unifying trait of creationists is the tendency to figuratively put one’s fingers in one’s ears and babble loudly to block out the sound of logic and reason.

I had fought similar battles before. Having moved on to a college-educated, historic and sociological view on religion, I had many times found myself arguing theology with my mother. With utter futility, I had tried to offer my opinions on figurative biblical interpretations, which were met with vehemently supported notions that a man, quite literally, parted a sea so his people could cross.

But nothing worked. No argument I could make could shake the creationist from his narrow-minded and uneducated views on life. Soon, I found myself standing in defense of God (or other deities held high by other religions), whom I could only assume would be pretty darned offended by these views.

Creationists believe that God created the world and everything in it.

Evolutionists believe in scientific evidence that supports the notion that the world and everything in it evolved over millions of years.

Would it not be far off to assume that God is quite befuddled by the fact that many of his creations see him as a glorified magician, who essentially tossed together some dirt and muck and – BOOM! – here we are? If God did create the universe and such, wouldn’t it go without saying that he’s responsible for evolution?

But no – rather than gain the understanding that there is simply no logic in the instant creation of mankind and the world (how would mankind be equipped to live without experience or any sort of knowledge of the world surrounding them?), creationists have turned a blind eye and ignored the evidence their creator has provided them.

We have dinosaur fossils. Evidence. Solid proof that they were here. I can only imagine God, standing frustrated, shaking his hands in the air and shouting, “What more do I have to do to get you idiots to understand how it happened? I did this amazing thing and left clues for you as to how I did it!”

But the creationists will continue to believe in the magical superpowers of their God. Their God can breathe in some mud and make a man, but he would never, ever create the universe in a logical, almost well-thought out and experimental fashion. That would be too far-fetched, for sure.

So laugh at the ancients with their many deities and sun gods and their ‘mythologies’ if you will. The bible was the only one that got it right, and there can apparently be no arguing that. When I die, I will stand at the gates of heaven, laughing at the creationists and their hubris that are routinely turned away for pissing God off with their offensive and narrow-minded opinions.


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