Inside My Head

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stupid random bipolar thoughts

  • I can probably solely rely on my home phone now as my cell phone is pretty useless and unused.
  • If I’m gonna get fat, let’s fucking do this. I mean, there is no longer a need to impress men.
  • The dog never judges me by my mood
  • Too bad the dog can’t go out to comedy shows/bars with me
  • “You’re just going to fuck it up again.”
  • “If you stop writing about comedy, 1600 other writers have already replaced you anyway.”
  • The only help available is self-help.
  • “You are your only support center.”
  • “You’ve been written off by most of your family.”
  • Why bother?
  • “Retirement” is akin to “marriage” or “relationship” in that I won’t be privy to that either
  • “It’s not that you’re replaceable, it’s that you were just a placeholder.”
  • “Suck it, fatty!”
  • Being alone is okay unless you know the world around you is continuing just fine in your absence.
  • “You’re doomed.”
  • This is what I get for wishing for invisibility as a child
  • It doesn’t matter.
  • “Keep in mind the dog prefers when you don’t shower all weekend.”
  • I hate comedy right now
  • I love comedy right now
  • Fuck it, what’s on Hulu?

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