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Lies lies lies lies

Dear mother:

You keep lying. You keep making up stories so you don’t have to address the fact that you were a cold, calculating, physically and psychologically abusive narcissist who did the following to me:

  • Made me quit gymnastics by telling me we couldn’t afford it, but telling my father I had ‘changed my mind’ about pursuing it
  • Pulled the same bait-and-switch in my college search, telling me we couldn’t afford my dream school while telling my father I no longer wanted to go there
  • Sabotaged one engagement by slandering my boyfriend and me to anyone who would listen
  • Sabotaged yet ANOTHER engagement by telling the guy he was ‘making a mistake’ and that she loved him

So, if you want to sit back and claim I don’t speak to you because ‘you’re on disability’, keep telling yourself that. Whatever helps your delusional, twisted mind sleep at night.




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