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“Hands up….shakin’…..”

The boys kick so much ass, even I have bruises on my backside.

The boys kick so much ass, even I have bruises on my backside.

Last week I encouraged you to brave the cold and head to The Paradise in Boston for rockin’ good time with Dear Leader.

If you took my advice, I don’t need to go on further, since you already know just how ridiculously awesome the evening was.

But in case you missed it, let me give you a quick run-down.

New stuff. The boys unleashed a small handful of new tracks that they’ve been recording recently. I was particularly mesmerized by ‘Heart Hangs Low’ – Infectious, melodic….what fans have become used to from DL, just a bit more invigorating. I, for one, am already having trouble keeping myself adequately occupied until I can get another fix.

I was a bit sad that there was no random medley during ‘Raging Red’, but to be quite honest, I soon was over my disappointment as the band marched on in a new direction (I suppose all good things must come to an end, though I will miss Perrino’s renditions of Snoop Dogg). The gents did close the pre-encore set with ‘Wrimgp0144estler’, a tried and true crowd (and personal) favorite.

The night was not complete, however, until Perrino treated the crowd to a rousing demonstration of his iPhone’s iToot – blasting little iPhone generated sounds of flatulence to a packed crowd.

If you missed the show, never fear. The band’s drummer (and Lunch Records owner) Paul Buckley assures me that 2009 “is all about Dear Leader and Lunch Records”.

And thank heavens for that.


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