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10 Reasons I am Officially Old

I spent the morning discussing various weather-related topics, the bulk of which relating to driving in the lovely, ice-laden Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This sparked many a revelation in my mind and the minds of others, as we began to notice the many ways by which we see ourselves getting old.

Inspired by my friend Dave Pye ( and his list of old-age signs, I present to you my list of reasons why I, at the tender age of 30, have officially become OLD.

  1. I was asleep on New Years Eve well before midnight.  This was due largely in part to a nasty chest cold, which, in the past, would never have deterred the usual NYE festivities.  I actually preferred to stay in, wrapped in the comfort of my blankets and celebrating with NyQuil shots rather than bubbly.
  2. I watch home videos when all alone.  Some old, some new, but I watch them.  Willingly. Happily.  Misty-eyed-ly.
  3. Large groups of teenagers intimidate me at times.
  4. I received a grooming kit for Christmas, and was absolutely tickled pink.  I no longer use one nail clipper for all of my grooming needs.
  5. I, much like my friend Dave, do not enjoy being tailgated.  I will slow down to a crawl, ride my brakes, speak (yell) to you in my mirrors, and contemplate slamming on the brakes just to make you hit my car and feel like an idiot.
  6. I reprimand young punks when I hear vulgar language in public, especially around little children.
  7. I clean up public areas of my apartment building that others have trashed rather than adding to the damage.
  8. In one doctor’s appointment, I walked away with tendonitis in both wrists and a slipped disc in my back.
  9. I cannot enjoy a Saturday unless I’ve gotten out of bed before 8:30 and have cleaned the entire apartment.
  10. Getting drunk involves setting aside 24-48 hours of recovery time, regardless of the amount of alcohol imbibed.

What makes you feel old??


January 7, 2009 - Posted by | Randomness


  1. Thank you for the shout out. So you’re the person who reads my blog…

    I should have included something similar to your #10. Hangovers have become absolutely devastating since I turned 30, not that they were any garden party before then, and if I ‘go large’ more than one night in a row I won’t be right for 3-4 days. No kidding.

    Comment by Pop Culture Blog | January 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. My, how you have changed. I was older then, I am younger
    than you now. Courage….it does get better.

    Comment by LDJ | January 12, 2009 | Reply

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