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No Messages (Working Title) Update

So after ten years of toying around with the idea of writing this book, it’s really coming together nicely, finally.  The official word count is just over 22,000, which is already just 3,000 words short of 25,347, which officially makes it a ‘novel’.  While I’d like to say what the ultimate goal is, I think the book itself will determine that.

I’m still struggling a bit on how to end it – what road will Abby choose in the end; will she finally control her fate or let fate control her?  At any rate, I’m hoping it will be not only raucously hilarious but poignant as well.  There’s lots of surprises in store as the life of Abigail Harris unfolds.

So stay tuned and keep checking in, as there will be many little tidbits to come on the site to hold you over until the completion of the novel!


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  1. How ’bout she’s murdered by some black teenagers?

    Comment by Mike | November 5, 2008 | Reply

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