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Look to the sky.

“Abby? Hey, it’s me.”

“Justin? What’s going on? Why are you calling me?” I asked, annoyed.  I had tried to be outright blunt with Justin in an attempt to get him to back off from his stalker-like behavior, but nothing I tried seemed to work at all.

“Oh, I just wanted you to see something cool,” he said.  “If you look up in the sky, you can see a rainbow.”

“What? A rainbow? Justin look–”

“No, Abs,” he interrupted.  “That’s it.  Just look up.”

Justin hung up the phone and I let out an exasperated sigh, although the curiosity was getting to me.   Why would he call me about a rainbow?  I suddenly noticed that several people on the street around me were looking up and pointing.  I couldn’t help myself, so I looked up.

There was a man on the roof of the town hall, standing on the edge of the building.  Passersby were pointing and letting out shocked, hushed gasps, questioning what would happen next.  It was almost as if some of them wanted the man to jump.  I tried to focus my gaze on the man on the roof to get a better look, but all I could make out was a navy blue T-shirt that read “I’m big in Europe”.  Time suddenly froze around me.

The man was Justin.

This is why he wanted me to look up.

Suddenly my phone vibrated in my hand, and the world started to move again.  It was a text message from Justin.

I’m sorry.

The world was still moving, and moving fast as my surroundings blended in.  As my legs gave out beneath me, I heard the sound of a woman’s scream and then…nothing.


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  1. Shit, I thought it was Tony for a second. This is great. It’ll definitely make a good sub-plot ending.

    Comment by Mike | October 25, 2008 | Reply

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