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Letting Go

I turned to walk up the street and back to the house with Taco in tow, only to find Micah waiting for me, standing by his truck. I wondered what he was doing there.



“To what do I owe the pleasure of this little unannounced visit?” I asked as I approached him, letting Taco off her leash to romp in the yard. Random Micah visits generally did not bode well with me, as they usually were the by-products of various people running their collective mouths and Micah’s uncontrollable urge to ‘save me’.



“I just wanted to see how you were doing,” Micah said. “You got a few minutes?”



We went upstairs to the kitchen, where I poured us both a cup of coffee. Micah took a seat at the kitchen table, tracing the outline of the wood pattern with his index finger.



“I love this table,” he muttered, perhaps second-guessing his decision to leave most of the collective furniture in my possession.



“Yeah, well it’s got nothing but good things to say about you as well,” I joked, handing him his coffee and taking a seat. “Now really, what’s this all about?”


“I know it’s really none of my business,” Micah stated, “but from what I hear you’ve been a little bit…out of sorts lately?”



“Out of sorts?” I asked, my annoyance level slowly increasing. “Define out of sorts.”



“Chris says you’re not acting like yourself…kind of out of control and a party girl all of a sudden.” I groaned loudly and rolled my eyes.



“I knew it,” I snapped.


“Knew what?”



“That Chris would feel the need to report back to you all the time. And how does he know what ‘acting like myself’ even entails? The guy barely knows me, aside from having been your girlfriend. You can tell Chris he can kiss my tiny white ass.”



“He’s just worried,” Micah reasoned. “And so am I. I mean, Abby, you’re bringing home these random guys…you’re always out.”



“Micah, listen,” I said, “that’s all swell and good and sweet that you’re concerned for me, but honestly? It’s not really your job anymore to worry about me. And fuck Chris, like’s really worried about me.”



“And the guys?” Micah pressed.



“Not that it’s any of your business at all anymore, but just because a male walks into the house doesn’t mean I’m sleeping with him. I’m sorry Chris feels the need to live vicariously through me, but he’s making mountains out of molehills here. And again, not to be a bitch, but how is this any of your business?”



Micah sighed and looked at the floor, shaking his head. He had always had this need to protect me, to shelter me from everything, even if it had led to our downfall.


“I’m fine, Micah. I’m just living life. Remember what that was like?”



“Fine,” he said, with a sad look in his eyes. “If you say so. I’ll leave it alone.” He gave me a hug and turned towards the back stairs, giving Taco a quick pat on the head before leaving. I watched as he got into his truck and pulled down the street, before making my way upstairs to Chris’s apartment for the long-overdue confrontation.



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  1. So Good!

    Comment by van | October 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Again, really good, Ang. The dialogue is great.

    Comment by Mike | October 25, 2008 | Reply

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