Inside My Head

the literary rantings of Angie Frissore

“The time for hesitation’s through. There’s no time to wallow in the mire…”

I stood on the ledge, mesmerized as I looked down upon the swirling blue and gray foam as it lapped the tiny group of ragged, sharp rocks beneath me.  Each wave seemed to taunt me as it smacked into the shore, seemingly aware of every tiny reason I came here – which was good, considering I didn’t even know why I had come.


I felt like I didn’t know anything anymore.  I had become out of touch with my friends, my family…my reality.  I couldn’t let go of my resentment towards those who had wronged me; in fact, it was as though my resentment had grown into this all-consuming entity that never failed to remind me of the many ways in which I’ve been burned.


It was eating at me – chipping away at the very core of my being to the point where I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t move on.  Trapped in a cycle of self-destruction, the time for action was closing in on me.


As the warm fall sun combined with the chilly sea spray from below embraced me, I extended my arms and closed my eyes. 


Bring it on, I challenged the sea.  Take me with you.


I wondered who would notice.  How long would it take? Would weeks go by before anyone thought to look for me?  Would I be missed?


The thought pattern was shattered by the sound of my cell phone ringing.  I held the phone in my hands, contemplating tossing it into the ocean for a brief moment, before answering it.




“Abby, where are you? Everyone else is already here,” my father announced.  I could hear the crowd of family members in the background, already gathered to celebrate my cousin’s recent family addition.


“I’m coming,” I assured him, stepping back from the edge of the rock.  “Give me ten minutes.”




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  1. This is great, Ang. I just had trouble with this sentence –

    – As the warm fall sun combined with the chilly sea spray from below embraced me, –

    I think you should lose “combined with” and either just use “and” or say something like the two “teamed up to embrace me.”

    Comment by Mike | October 23, 2008 | Reply

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