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Soundman Sam – A (partial) continuation

“So?” Beth asked as she sauntered into the room.  “What happened after I left?”


At some point throughout the evening I had lost track of Beth, who had spent the better part of her night attached to David the Lighting Guy and barely left the front-of-house light board.  I had spent my evening with Sam, backstage, trying to hide my excitement of watching a Violent Femmes show from the sound board backstage.


“Nothing, really,” I said nonchalantly.  “Aside from a quick truck-make-out-session, it was pretty innocent.”


“That’s good,” Beth said, with a concerned look on her face. 


“Why is that good?”


“Well…” Beth trailed off.  “David says Sam’s got a girlfriend.”


“And?” I asked.  I certainly was not surprised to find out that my new roadie friend was already accounted for romantically.  Aside from the fact that he was a roadie, after all, he was a good eight years my senior.  Twenty-seven year old roadies generally aren’t looking for an underage girlfriend.  “So, what – are you saying I shouldn’t hold my breath for a call?”


“I dunno,” Beth mused. “Depends on how sketchy this guy is.”




Weeks later, I had all but forgotten about my little tryst with the Soundman and returned home one evening to a puzzled roommate.


“Some dude name Sam Mallen called for you,” Cat said, looking confused.  After six months of sharing a dorm room, Cat was certain she’d recognize the name of anyone who called for me and looked slightly forlorn that she had been kept out of some kind of loop.


“Who?” I asked, trying to recall the name.  I pondered for a few minutes, and settled down to finish a World Lit paper that I had put off, again, to the last possible minute.  Well into my analysis of Antigone, a moment of clarity swept across me.


“Holy crap!” I yelled, snapping my roommate out of her prime-time television coma.  “Soundman!!! That was him!”  I immediately bolted out of my room and across the hall in search of Beth.


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