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At the Mercy of the Coffee Man

I sat at my desk, staring dejectedly at the poorly assembled cup of coffee before me.  I had asked for a large coffee with cream and sugar.  What I had been given, it seemed, was a large tea with what I could only assume was milk (and no sugar).

I wondered what sort of ominous sign the mistake might be.  Perhaps this was fate’s gently warning that the day would only get progressively worse from here; perhaps it would be a seemingly good day until  a not-so-major disappointment shatters the positive atmosphere.

I had been going to the same coffee shop every day for three years.  Every day, I ordered the exact same coffee from the exact same person who refused to smile (ever) and oftentimes seemed to smell of tuna fish.  We had a rapport – well, as much of a rapport as one could have with a non-English-speaking stranger whose only gainful purpose was to serve over-priced coffee drinks to yuppies on cell phones who refuse to acknowledge his existence.  I kept my order simple and consistent, a move which I had hoped would ensure the ongoing quality of my morning ritual.

But something had gone wrong.  There had been a disconnect somewhere which I could not explain and now, now I was stuck spending my morning wishing I had a good cup of coffee.  The day was shot, and I realized it was time to reassess my relationship with my coffeeman.

“No matter how long you stare at it, it won’t turn into wine,” Maggie said from behind me, snapping me back to reality with a bit of surprise.

“I’m hoping it will actually turn into a decent cup of coffee,” I laughed.  “What’s up?”

“Well, you know that issue they’ve had with the production server in High Wycombe?”

“Tell me they fixed it,” I begged, knowing the chances were slim.

“Not so much,” Maggie said nervously.  “Plus, Andrew quit.  We may need to send you over there for a bit to sort it all out.”


“How’s Thursday?”


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