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Untamed youth.

I’ve always heard people refer to this monumental change they experience upon having children.

“It changes your outlook.”

I myself have no children.  I do, however, have brothers.  And those brothers have wives.  Among these brothers and wives are two beautiful little girls, and a baby boy who is counting out his last days before The Big Escape and he is welcomed into the world.  No one ever really talks about what happens when you have a niece or a nephew.  No claims of moments of clarity, no reassessment of life.

I was in Tampa recently, fortunate enough to spend Labor Day weekend with my brother and his family.  They’ve just had a second daughter, Sophie, and she’s just breathtaking.  Her older sister Olivia – there are no words to describe this little girl that would even come close.  There is a light that shines from her that I have never seen, not even during my early days as a portrait studio manager.  She is the smartest 2-year-old I’ve ever seen.

Holding my new baby niece, she looked at me the same way Olivia had when I held her as an infant.  It was almost like she knew who I was.  Olivia was cautious at first, but friendly, don’t get me wrong – she would obediently give me kisses upon the urging of mom or dad.  She’s at the age where she is sizing people up.  I would’ve done as well.

But on Sunday, the moment came that stirred a totally new feeling in my heart.  We had found out that morning that she was suffering from a double ear infection (remarkable, considering how well she did during her photo shoot), so it was PJ day and we all sat around the living room.

Olivia was playing – with her stickers, I believe – when suddenly she turned toward me.  She looked me dead in the eye and then planted a kiss right on my lips.

Since then, I’ve had more focus than ever.  I’m a nicer person and I get more done.  But it does seem I’m on the verge of breaking a promise to myself….



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